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Johns Creek Hornet Nest Removed
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There are two types of pesticide applications that we provide when it comes to destroying an aerial bald faced hornet nest or a yellowjacket hive in the ground.

  1. Complete Pesticide Treatment:  This is when we cannot access the hive and we use pesticides to either  be tracked inside the hive, residual effect to kill any hornets that come in contact with the pesticide or pesticide was elected instead of hive removal due to it being the less expensive option.
  2. Add-on Treatment after Complete Hive Removal:  This service is offered as an extremely discounted add-on service if you have paid for a physical removal of a hive.  Although the physical removal is normally only chemical- free option, this changes it to where it is a total solution BUT with pesticides.  We simply either spray of dust the pesticide of choice by the licensed pest control applicator.  It is the most we can do.  We removed the hive in its entirety and then sprayed where the hive was.  Therefore, when the hunters come back that were out while we took their hive, they either get repelled from the pesticide or die from direct contact with the residual pesticide.


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