Crabapple Hornet & Wasp Removal

So you have a need for our Crabapple hive removal (hornet nest) services.  Nothing fancy, just get rid of it.  Right? We can help!

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– Our Crabapple Hive Removal Process – 

We tried to make it as simple as possible.  From the point that you schedule the job, we normally can take care of the hive either that day or the next day.  We squeeze your job in when it makes geographical sense.  We call you ahead of time and let you know when we will arrive at your property.  PLEASE NOTE: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE HOME IF THE HIVE IS OUTSIDE.  

If the hive is inside a wall or structure please go to> Hive Cut-Outs <.



We physically take the Queen, the hornet’s nest and pupae with us and destroy all of it.  This is in situations where we can access the hive.

Issues that affect the price:

  • Height
  • Size of the hive
  • Access (Ladder, etc)
  • Complexity

IMPORTANT:  There are hunters that are out foraging when we come to remove the hive.  Therefore, after we remove the hive they come back.  They hang out where their hive WAS.  They are less aggressive since there isn’t a Queen to protect.  After a week or two, they are gone.



We leave the hive intact and treat the hive with pesticides that kill the insects in the hive and has residual properties to kill the hunters that return.  This is a less costly means to destroy the hive, however, it is not guaranteed to kill the Queen.  The hunters that come back will either be repelled or killed from the pesticide application. However, the Queen could escape and either rebuild right there, doubtful because of the residual effect or move to a new location on or off your property.


This is the Ultimate Removal where we remove the hive, destroying to Queen, Hive & Pupae.  Then we use pesticides with a residual knock-down to kill any hunters that come back to where the hive “was”.  This is at the rate of the 1st Option for Hive removal with a small up-charge to hit the branch or structure with pesticide.

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