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Hornet Nest Removal Johns Creek
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Hornet Nest Johns Creek
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Our Chemical-free hive removal services is only 1 of the options available to you in order to remove the hornet nest from your property.  Our method of removal was unique and only offered by our company for many years.  When we approach the hive, we do everything in our power to stop any insects from escaping the hive.  We contain the insects and completely remove the hive. This method does not use any pesticides at all.  However, understand that there are workers out when we approached the hive.  After the removal, the workers will come back to where the hive was located. They are confused, their hive was there when they left and now it is not.  They will congregate and just hang out.

Some customers are uncomfortable with the fact that there are hornets sticking around.  Sometimes the hunters start rebuilding the paper hive.  That is all they know to do. However, with that said there isn’t a Queen so there can’t be any eggs or pupae.  Although the paper hive is being rebuilt the colony cannot continue to grow in numbers.

With all of that said, we suggest if you are not against pesticide, allowing us to implement Option #3 from the home page.  Option #3: is the combo of complete removal and then a small application of residual pesticide on the branch, in the bush or the part of the exterior of the home where the hive was removed. That will deter any hunters from sticking around and if they make contact with the pesticide then they will die.

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