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In the warmer months, we get inundated with calls in desperate need of hornet removal (hive removal)  services.   We offer some of the lowest prices to get rid of hornets nests.  Whether it is in a bush, on the side of the house or at the peak of the 3rd story roof…. we can handle it.  However, with that said a hive 40 foot up in a tree on the end of a branch is not an option.  We use ladders and that feat is impossible for us.

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We offer some unique options for getting rid of hornet nests.  The three options are:

  1. CHEMICAL-FREE HIVE REMOVAL:  We take the hive, Queen and all of the pupae with us.  We destroy them unless honeybees.
  2. PESTICIDE APPLICATION: This leaves the hive in place. We spray the hive, attempting to get inside the hive and killing the Queen.  This is less costly, however, no guarantees.
  3. COMBO of BOTH: Remove the hive and then spray where the hive was; branch, wall or inside a structure..

The situation is with a normal hornet nest removal there are hunters that were out during the removal process.  If we take the hive with a chemical-free removal then when the hunters come back they hang out on the branch or the part of the structure where the hive WAS.  Sometimes the Hornets will even begin to build a paper hive again.  There isn’t a Queen so there cannot be any further reproduction (eggs produced).  If we do a hive removal (#1) then sometimes people get nervous when they see a large number of hunters where the hive was located.  As a result, we decided to come up with a strategy through our pest control license to apply a pesticide (when requested) to the location where there would be a concern.  The residual effect of the pesticide would speed up the process of even the stragglers being destroyed.